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A Place to Call Home

Every year, thousands of cats are abused, neglected and abandoned. Many are given to shelters and, unfortunately, euthanized. At Love and Hope Animal Sanctuary, Inc. our mission is to value life and to give these wonderful creatures a loving home in our cage-free, no-kill facility where they are free to roam, explore and play in a safe environment.

We have built a multi-roomed, 9,000 square foot facility in the rolling, western Catskill Mountains of New York where the air is fresh and the mountain smells delight our cats, particularly when the warm season permits them to go outside to our specially built "catios" to sniff and sunbathe.

As part of our mission to cherish life, we have special accommodations for cats with feline immune deficiency (FIV) and for cats and kittens with feline leukemia (FeLV), a usually deadly disease. While we do not know how much time each of these special creatures has, we do know that for as long they do have, we ensure they have the best life and most fun possible.

Please explore our website further to learn more about the Sanctuary.

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