Our FIV and FeLV Special Residents

At the Sanctuary, we have rooms for both FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (feline leukemia virus) positive cats and kittens. Unfortunately, most shelters are forced to euthanize these animals as they do not have the necessary space to house them separately.

FIV positive cats can live a long, healthy life and we have many over the age of 10 years. FIV is not easily transmitted, as cats become infected primarily by sexual intercourse or deep bites. Many now believe and advocate that non-aggressive FIV cats can live with cats who are FIV negative and many are suitable for adoption. If you would like additional information on this issue, please contact us.

FeLV cats and kittens are different. Their virus is far easier to transmit to other animals and they are usually destined to a far shorter life span, particularly if they are born with the virus. Fifty percent die by the age of one year and 80% die before they reach two years old. At the Sanctuary, we provide our FeLV cats with special vitamins and immune enhancing drugs in the hope of keeping them healthy for as long as possible. The fact is that these cats are “healthy” until their immune system breaks down. We cannot know how long these special creatures will live, but we ensure that they will have fun, and lots of love and care for as long as they are here.

The pictures at the top of this page are some of our FIV and FeLV cats; we cherish them and hope you do too.