Adopt a Cat

Every cat deserves their own loving and secure home. If you are considering adopting a cat, we would love to help you.

Love & Hope has many cats of all ages available for adoption, at no charge, although we do appreciate your contribution to help care for all our cats.

We frequently have kittens available for adoption, and we prefer to send them to new homes in pairs, because companionship at a young age creates healthier, happier and better-adjusted adult cats.

The first step is filling out our Adoption Application, which will help us assess your readiness for a pet, as well as help us match you with the perfect cat for your personality and living arrangements.

Our Standards

We do have several ground rules for adoption. If you adopt a cat/kittens from the Sanctuary, you agree that:

  1. You will keep the cat indoors to assure that the cat does not contract FIV or another disease, or is not injured.
  2. You will not give the cat to anyone else or sell it.
  3. You will provide proper shelter, food and medical care and humane treatment at all times.
  4. The cat will be a companion animal only.
  5. In the event you are unable to keep the cat, you will return it to the Sanctuary.

To learn more about adopting a cat from us, or you would like to visit our Sanctuary, please contact us.